WSL or how to access linux on windows

In the last article I used the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to download GOG files. You can find information on installing WSL here or also here on this blog

But how can we interact between Windows and Linux?

How to call a linux command from within windows

The windows command prompt is what a shell is in the linux world. It lacks some aspect in this comparison but in the end both are a way to interact with the system. To “start” linux you can open a command prompt and enter ´´bash´´. That’s because “bash.exe” is available.

You can use this in batch files, like here:

@echo off
bash.exe -c "sudo lgogdownloader --update-cache"
bash.exe -c "sudo lgogdownloader --download --directory /mnt/z/Backups/Games --language en+de --save-serials --use-cache --platform w+l+m"
cd /Backups/Games
dir /B /S | findstr /i ".*\.old$"

This takes the example of the last post (remember: we wanted to download games from GOG to a network drive) and automates the process. When the downloads have finished it shows a list of updated files (lgogdownloader adds an “.old” to the file name).

How to call a windows command from within a bash instance?

Simply add the “.exe” to the program you want to start. The windows PATH variable is automatically added to the bash environment. Try:


from a command prompt.